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Friday, October 9, 2015

[MOVIE REVIEW] American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel Episode 1

American Horror Story Season 5 is out!! (internal screams). Its first episode which is called 'Checking In' was broadcast on 7th of October. Actually, I was kinda excited about this season since this is the first season of American Horror Story that I'll watch while still airing. (Because I've just recently been a fan of American Horror Story). 

Before I start, I'd like to warn you about the spoiler in this review. Yes, I'll spoil some plots of the first episode. And, I'd like you to know that I'm only babbling about my personal preference, not from the expert movie reviewer point of view. So, pardon my mistakes or unprofessional review for this series since this series is a complicated one. One more thing, I'm not really a big fan of AHS, I like it but I hate it. It's a complicated mixed feeling, the same as the movie itself. So complicated and kinda confusing! So, I've only watched the first season of AHS: Murder House, and the fourth season: Freak Show. And I even haven't completed Freak Show yet. (Decided to postpone it and jump right to Hotel since it's still fresh from the oven!)

Let's get started!

The story started from two young and beautiful tourists who arrived at the Cortez Hotel. Well, it didn't take too long for them to feel that this is not the right place to stay. But apparently, having no option in getting their deposit money back, they decided to stay. And guess who's our front desk officer? 

Yup! It's the Beard Lady from AHS Freak Show. 
(I need to say that she looks much better without the beard though).

 After they're directed to their room, the haunting started right away. Yes, right away....

(Don't ask me whose hand is this, I don't even know).

The hotel was okay. Yes, it was okay to have this kind of 'monster' inside your bed. ;___;

To be honest, the 'prologue' actually didn't leave much impression on me. I didn't feel anything. I'm not scared nor thrilled. Flat, if not a bit cheesy.... I don't understand what are they trying to do with that kind of prologue. 

The story moved to our most likely main protagonist in this season! John Lowe, a detective that works on so many 'gore' and sexually-oriented cases..... ;_; I'm just joking. I don't know if it's his department or what, but his cases are mostly gore and sexually-oriented. His first scene was when he did an investigation about a couple who one got brutally murdered and another brutally tortured while having sex. That scene is actually kinda disturbing... I don't want to put something inappropriate here, so no picture about that scene is going to be attached here. 

It is most likely that there's a brutal serial killer who jumped from one to another hotel to kill people. I don't know if it's random or not though. This serial killer terrorized our main protagonist and directed him to our infamous Cortez Hotel. Things happened there. Things that I didn't understand when I watched that particular part, but will understand later on after I've finished the whole episode.

Seriously, who wants to stay in a hotel with this kind of bellboy(?)

I have to admit that the first half of the movie didn't impress me at all. Too many unimportant scenes (for me). Such as why they should added sex scenes after most of the characters introductions? That's kinda ridiculous.  
Yes! I know! Our siamese twins is back with hotter and fiercer looks! 
She looks so stunning!

Let's welcome Gaga! She looks so gorgeous...

Some children. Yes, actually there are 2 or 3 of them.

Gaga's comrade(?) I don't know what to call him though...

And, don't forget about the Bellboy, Bed Monster, and our Beard Lady Front Desk Officer. 
(I'm sorry I still call her the Beard Lady. She's forever the Beard Lady for me). :D

There are a lot of characters who had appeared in the first episode though. (Except for my precious Evan Peters ;_________;). And we got flashbacks already! that explain about the sorrow in John's life. And also how all things started in the Cortez Hotel. Even though I'm sure they haven't shown us all. They're just teasing us.

I quite enjoy the other half of this episode. Especially when the flashbacks started. I love how they didn't postpone the explanation and just gave it right away. I got a similar vibe with the Murder House in this season while it contrasts a lot with the Freak Show. One thing that I hope would be reduce in the second episode is the sex scenes.... Please, just remove those unnecessary scenes! ;_; It doesn't make any differences either! 

Overall, I can't wait to watch the second episode which will be out next week! I'm not really crazy about it, but I enjoy it too. I love the uniqueness and quirkiness of AHS that somehow addictive. And I hope to see my Evan Peters soon.... :((

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